EAPA Award for Klaus Kubinger

The EAPA Award Committee, appointed by the Executive Committee of EAPA (Boele de Raad, Helfried Moosbrugger and Valentin Bucik) reached the decision that the EAPA Award for Distinguished Scientific or Professional Contributions to Psychological Assessment for 2009 was appointed to Klaus Kubinger. 

The EAPA Award is given every 2 years to an European psychologist who has made a distinguished contribution to psychological assessment as a science or as a profession in the last 5 years (2004-2008). Peer-nominations (needed to be sent to Secretary General) were invited and had to include, apart from a short statement of reasons, a short curriculum vitae and the list of most significant publications of the nominee. 

The award will be announced at the opening ceremony of the EAPA biennial conference (10th ECPA) in Ghent, Belgium, 16-19 September, 2009 and President-Elect of EAPA (Karl Schweizer) will deliver the award to Klaus Kubinger. 

For further informations about the conference see http://www.ecpa10.ugent.be

The whole staff of the Department of Psychological Assessment and the Center of Testing and Consulting congratulates Klaus Kubinger for this enormous success!! 


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Laudatio from Prof. Dr. Karl Schweizer

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the great pleasure to present the winner of the EAPA award 2009.

The name of the winner is Klaus Kubinger.

I am very happy about the selection of Klaus Kubinger since he devoted a great part of his professional life to scientific work concerning psychological assessment. Unlike many of us who have developed multiple scientific identities he more and more concentrated on psychological assessment and became one of the most visible representatives of psychological assessment in German-speaking countries.

Now let me give you some more information about our award winner:  

Klaus Kubinger was born in Vienna, Austria, and – as I learned from his CV – has spent most of his life in that magnificent city.

He studied psychology at the University of Vienna and finally earned a PhD in psychology. After completing his psychology studies he went on for another degree in social and economical statistics.

Besides the academic qualifications Klaus Kubinger acquired some additional professional qualifications, as it is expected for university teachers in some subject areas. These qualifications enable him to work as a clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist according to systemic theory and as a proficiency assessor according to DIN 33430.

In 1985 he became associate professor, and since 1998 he is full professor, both at the University of Vienna. From the beginning he was the head instructor of psychological assessment at the psychology department. Since 1998 he is also the head of the newly installed division of psychological assessment and applied psychometrics. This division includes a centre of testing and consulting. 

This deep involvement into psychological assessment led him to become a member of the German Committee on Tests and Testing. This is a committee installed by the German Psychological Society and the members are appointed by the Society. This committee deals with issues and affairs concerning psychological assessment on behalf of the Society. Klaus Kubinger was a member of this committee between 2000 and 2006.

When you ask Klaus Kubinger for a list of his main areas of research, you will learn about specific areas of psychological assessment: so he lists fundamentals of psychological assessment, adaptive testing, computerized experiment-based behaviour assessment, psycho-diagnostics by means of IRT and experimental designs and so on.

He was a guest professor at the universities of Klagenfurt and of Graz - both are Austrian universities – and also of Potsdam and of Berlin – these are German universities.

Klaus Kubinger is a prolific writer. He published over 90 papers in scientific journals. As you may guess, most of them refer to psychological assessment.

Noteworthy, there are also books which he published. The titles are

  • Modern psychometrics – a brief survey of recent contributions (1989)
  • Keynotes of psychological assessment (2003)
  • Statistics for psychologists (2006)
  • Psychological assessment – theory and practice (2009)

Furthermore, he published tests: an intelligence test-battery for children and objective personality tests.

Before closing I like to add two other important points about Klaus Kubinger.

  • he is the editor-in-chief of a scientific journal titled Psychology Science Quarterly. It is the English version of a prestigious old German journal.
  • and last but not least in 2007 he was awarded the Alfred-Binet award of the German Psychological Society.

All in all, Klaus Kubinger is a very worthy winner of the EAPA award 2009.

Karl Schweizer

EAPA President-elect